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Drawing, and the ability to embed a line with expression, is fundamental to the way Catherine works in all media—from plein-air sketching, to exploring new ideas, to making finished drawings.

Illustration is a natural partner to Catherine’s fine art practice. Working in all media, she creates meaningful, compelling, artful storytelling imagery that resonates with audiences. A deep understanding of visual communications benefits this work.

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Mixed media work is a foundational part of Catherine's artistic practice, in which she further explores time, reuse, treasuring and aesthetic discovery through materiality and composition. Layers of ephemera, found objects personal items, painting and drawing are composed to create collage and sculptural pieces embedded with associations, memory and identity.

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At the core of Catherine's painting practice is a profound connection to and curiosity about nature in relationship to the manmade world, and between our lived experience and the greater continuum of time.

Catherine's geologic watercolors present forms and surfaces typically perceived to be solid and static as ephemeral windows—collecting passing moments into layers of unexpected transparency and color.

Process-oriented and experiential, making this work involves a meditative balance of rapt observation, intuitive interpretation, meticulous rendering, and the embrace of happenstance.

In the studio her paintings take a more experimental approach to representing subject and scale, where surface, line and detail are celebrated through combining various materials and media.

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Catherine's photography quietly reflects the effects of time and wear on the built environment and the phenomena of natural landscapes. Through intent looking, the compositions consider texture, light and shadow equally to their subject, and attempt to relate human experience and emotion to places often devoid of a presence. Having started making photographs at an early age, she has a large body of photographic work spanning decades.

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